13 Foods to Prevent Cancer

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What is Cancer? – Cancer is a disease wherein a part of the body produces cells uncontrollably that it turns into a tumor. Cancer may also be able to affect nearby areas in the body and it also has the ability to spread all throughout the body. The main cause of cancer is still unknown but researchers believe that genetics may play as a factor in having cancer. The environment is also a factor that they are now looking into.

How Do You Prevent Cancer? – The occurrence of cancer in the body cannot be readily predicted that is why people are asked to try and prevent it as much as they can. They have now been giving out information so that the public will know what to do. [click to continue…]


Itchy Scalp Causes and Treatment

Itchy Scalp

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Itchy scalp is not only an unpleasant feeling but it can also make us feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social settings. Many do not realize that an itchy scalp can also be a sign of many different health problems. There are even more causes for an itchy scalp and thankfully, several treatments to cure this uncomfortable problem. Here are some of the main causes and treatments for an itchy scalp. [click to continue…]


7 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking Water

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Today, water is the second most popular drink but should be the first. It is important to drink or consume water in any form. Water has plenty of sustaining and life-giving benefits on the health of your body. You probably already know that water is very important to maintain your hydration level so that organs can function properly. Aside from keeping your organs properly hydrated, drinking water has many other benefits for you and your body.

Here are seven supremely important benefits that drinking water has on your health. [click to continue…]

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10 Foods to Cure Headache

Cure Headache

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Headaches are a common complaint and they can affect both young and old. If you or someone you love suffers from frequent headaches, please know that it is not recommended to visit your medicine cabinet right away. Instead, experts suggest heading to your kitchen instead. There are many types of foods that provide the body with key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to ease or prevent headaches as well as other minor ailments. [click to continue…]


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10 Foods to Cure Depression

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Depression, regardless of the cause, can be treated by medication, exercise, sleep and many types of therapy. However, one of the easiest ways to manage the symptoms of depression is with a healthy diet. It has been demonstrated that certain foods can boost the mind and mood, altering and even curing the effects of depression on the brain and body.

When suffering from depression, it is common to consume junk food but this does not help this situation. It is very important to fight this urge as it will cause more problems later on. Instead, choose foods that will help cure your depression and restore a healthy mood. [click to continue…]


13 Tips to Stay Healthy in 2013

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We’re already over halfway through 2013 (can you believe it?), but it’s still not too late to make this your healthiest year yet. When attempting to improve your overall health, it is helpful to start by setting realistic goals for yourself; it will do little good to set unrealistic expectations only to continue to fail at them. Whether you’re beginning a workout routine or breaking a bad habit, start slow and at a steady pace. Then, gradually build onto your achievements and continually improve.

There are a number of ways in which you can improve your health throughout the rest of this year and the years beyond. With summer already upon us, our first tip is all too fitting and will play a crucial part in staying healthy during these characteristically warm days of summer. [click to continue…]


Cost, access and quality are major concerns when considering the top 15 countries with the best health care facilities.

According to researchers at Stanford University, governments must effectively handle these three issues in order to deliver the best medical services to their citizens. No location is perfect, but the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes a few locales that stand out from the others.

Here they are, in no particular order as of June 2013. [click to continue…]


10 Ways for loosing weight

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Healthy lifestyle and looking good have become extremely important nowadays. Those two ideas have been seriously promoted through all media and are impossible not to be noticed. The idea of accepting people who are obese or at least a bit overweight has become unacceptable and therefore the cult of loosing weight has arisen.

With this new trend of constant loosing weight has lead to the appearance of numerous nutrition and fitness experts giving advice on the topic. Here you can read about the best known ones. [click to continue…]


Between rigorous coursework, crazy rotations and challenging residencies, there’s no denying that med school can take a lot out of someone. If that’s a path you’ve decided to take, there’s no doubt that at some point you have question why, exactly, you are doing what you’re doing.

Many students reach their breaking point, mainly because they aren’t approaching the issue correctly. Below are 11 tips every student should follow to help prevent burnout while in med school. [click to continue…]


7 Home Remedies for Arthritis

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If you have arthritis then you are suffering from inflammation of one or more of your joints. This joint disorder can easily affect men, women, and children. There are a bunch of different kinds of arthritis out there and the type of causes depends on the type of arthritis.

Some of the typical causes include metabolic abnormalities, your genes, a bacterial or viral infection, a weak immune system, and some type of injury. Some of the symptoms you need to look out for are pain whenever you try to move your joints, joint stiffness, joint redness, joint stiffness, and a feeling a warm sensation in your joints.

When it comes to treatments for arthritis you have a number of options like anti-inflammatory mediations, pain medications, surgery, and physical therapy. All of these treatments have some positive effects but can be expensive. Moreover, some of the medications used for arthritis like immune system altering medications can bring on unwanted side effects. Check out the 7 home remedies below you can use to treat yourself naturally. [click to continue…]


Top 5 Hangover Cures

September 15, 2012
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For decades, imbibers of beer, wine and spirits have awoken from nights of inebriated jubilation with throbbing heads, dry mouths and nauseated stomachs. The hangover has been a drinker’s rite of passage, the next-morning sacrifice to the gods of alcohol. To combat the pain and oppression brought on by the hangover, there have been many [...]

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