Top 10 Tips to Maintain Healthy Bones

Weak or brittle bones are a significant problem of one’s later years and could be one of the main causes of disability or restricted mobility among seniors. Even if you’re still a young person, it is important to do all you can to increase bone density and strength – this will stand you in good stead as you age.

Until the age of 30 (which is the time when the body achieves “peak bone mass”) you should try and do all you can to build bone mass. After this age, the body starts to lose bone mass so you then have to concentrate on slowing down that rate of loss. While several factors that determine bone health are beyond your control – you cannot alter factors such as genetic makeup, race, sex and age – there are some things that you can do for your own bone health:

1.      Start young

It is never too early to start thinking about bone health. Incorporate healthy practices and lifestyle changes into your life early, because bones can start to lose density from the 30’s. Even for older people, small changes in the lifestyle could mean slowing down of bone loss. Continue reading

10 Best home remedies for heartburn

What is heartburn?

If you have ever had a burning sensation in the chest, you should know that it is called heartburn, and it is usually associated with gastric acid. The heartburn symptoms can be caused by certain foods, alcohol, and even by certain types of medication, and it is usually more frequent in the case of pregnant women. Even if in most of the cases this is not dangerous, the truth is that it may be quite uncomfortable. Therefore we have created a list with a few solutions that might help you achieve heartburn relief. In this way, if you try these natural remedies for heartburn you will be able to get better. Continue reading

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Today, water is the second most popular drink but should be the first. It is important to drink or consume water in any form. Water has plenty of sustaining and life-giving benefits on the health of your body. You probably already know that water is very important to maintain your hydration level so that organs can function properly. Aside from keeping your organs properly hydrated, drinking water has many other benefits for you and your body.

Here are seven supremely important benefits that drinking water has on your health. Continue reading

10 Foods to Cure Headache

How can you relieve headaches?

Headaches are a common complaint and they can affect both young and old. If you or someone you love suffers from frequent headaches, please know that it is not recommended to visit your medicine cabinet right away. Instead, experts suggest heading to your kitchen instead. There are many types of foods that provide the body with key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to ease or prevent headaches as well as other minor ailments. Continue reading

10 Foods to Cure Depression

Depression, regardless of the cause, can be treated by medication, exercise, sleep and many types of therapy. However, one of the easiest ways to manage the symptoms of depression is with a healthy diet. It has been demonstrated that certain foods can boost the mind and mood, altering and even curing the effects of depression on the brain and body. When suffering from depression, it is common to consume junk food but this does not help this situation. It is very important to fight this urge as it will cause more problems later on. Instead, choose foods that will help cure your depression and restore a healthy mood. Continue reading

13 Tips to Stay Healthy in 2013

We’re already over halfway through 2013 (can you believe it?), but it’s still not too late to make this your healthiest year yet. When attempting to improve your overall health, it is helpful to start by setting realistic goals for yourself; it will do little good to set unrealistic expectations only to continue to fail at them. Whether you’re beginning a workout routine or breaking a bad habit, start slow and at a steady pace. Then, gradually build onto your achievements and continually improve.

There are a number of ways in which you can improve your health throughout the rest of this year and the years beyond. With summer already upon us, our first tip is all too fitting and will play a crucial part in staying healthy during these characteristically warm days of summer. Continue reading

Top 15 Countries with the Best Health Care Facilities

Cost, access and quality are major concerns when considering the top 15 countries with the best health care facilities.

According to researchers at Stanford University, governments must effectively handle these three issues in order to deliver the best medical services to their citizens. No location is perfect, but the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes a few locales that stand out from the others.

Here they are, in no particular order as of June 2013. Continue reading

11 Common Health Problems in Men

Men And Their Problems – Men are also like women, they are also affected by health problems too.

The only difference is that most men do not want to talk about it. Most of the time, the men just ignore their symptoms. Some do this because they think that their masculinity decreases when they bother with the simple symptoms. This is why their disease is not diagnosed early on. Continue reading

Planning Your Layoffs

Taking planned rest periods can sometimes be difficult for those of us who use workouts as a form of religion. Let’s face it, for some of us our bodies are our temples. When we are stressed out, frustrated, or need alone time we have the sanctity of our workouts to fall into.

People who run, cycle, use weights, or anything else often turn to workouts as a way to relieve stress, create a stable point of focus in their schedule, and more. Continue reading

7 Ways To Find Low Cost Medicines

Americans are one of the highest paying customers for prescription drugs – Which is why it becomes important that Americans know where and how to find low cost medicines in America and across the world.

Need to find low cost medicines – Studies have shown that Americans pay four times more as compared to what people in Australia, Japan, UK and Canada pay for the same medicines. Today the medical industry is a costly affair, with the costs of hospital stays rising, the doctor fees on the rise and the medicines, take a heavy toll on the financial aspect. Medicines are also an important expense and one cannot ignore the treatment that has been provided by the doctor. Luckily, you can find some simple resources where you can find low cost medicines or even free medications. Continue reading