13 Foods to Prevent Cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease wherein a part of the body produces cells uncontrollably that it turns into a tumor. Cancer may also be able to affect nearby areas in the body and it also has the ability to spread all throughout the body. The main cause of cancer is still unknown but researchers believe that genetics may play as a factor in having cancer. The environment is also a factor that they are now looking into.

How Do You Prevent Cancer?

The occurrence of cancer in the body cannot be readily predicted that is why people are asked to try and prevent it as much as they can. They have now been giving out information so that the public will know what to do.

Having a healthy diet is one of the ways you could prevent cancer from getting to you. Researchers have done their part in looking into foods that will help you prevent cancer. Listed below are some of the foods that are considered as anti-cancer.

Anti cancer foods

Salmon – This fish and the other fatty fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids. There have been a lot of researches that show the healthy benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. There are also researches that show a decrease in the risk of having blood related cancers for those who eat fatty fish as compared to those who do not. Salmons are great for main course. It is also very healthy and is advisable for people who are watching their weight.

Whole grains – This group of food does not only contain fiber but also anti-oxidants and phytoestrogens. All of these help prevent cancer. Some examples of whole grains are oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread.

Berries – This group of fruits includes strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, raspberries and more. They contain anti-oxidants that will help fight the free radicals in the body. The free radicals are substances that can cause aging and damage to the cells. It could also cause the cell to become cancerous. With the help of the anti-oxidants, there would be a lesser risk of having free radicals that help cancer cell build-up. Berries are easy to serve. They can be made into delicious desserts or could be used to create different sauces.

Broccoli – The broccoli looks like small trees but it really does help a lot in preventing cancer. It contains different compounds that slow down cancer. Studies have also shown that eating broccoli specifically helps in the prevention of hormone-related cancers. Preparing the broccoli is easy; you can just steam it and serve it as a side dish. You may also include it in soups.

Mushrooms – Mushrooms are said to improve the immune system to help in the fight against cancer agents. At the same time, mushrooms also have chemical components that help prevent the cancer cells from replicating. Some researchers are even gathering the mushroom extracts to see if they can cure certain diseases.

Green tea – Green tea contains cathechins; these are anti-oxidants that help prevent much of the free radicals from our body. Free radicals are normally found in our body and they normally age our cells, sometimes they get too invasive that they can cause cancer cells to develop. By providing your body with anti-oxidants, the free radicals would be reduced in number.

Kiwi – This small fruit gives a great impact to health because they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that help fight cancer. They are also delicious and could be eaten on their own or as a part of the dessert.

Artichokes – Sylimarin is a substance that helps in the detoxification process of the body. They help remove the different toxins that can accumulate and cause bad effects. The artichoke is one of the vegetables which contain this substance. It also has anti-oxidants that will help fight off the free radicals. Artichokes could be steamed and eaten simply by adding some butter and lemon for flavor.

Tomatoes –These red fruits contain the anti-oxidant called lycopene. This substance was known to aid in the prevention of heart diseases but now, researchers have also linked it in the prevention of cancer. It prevents damage to your DNA so that you would not get cancer. Tomatoes are greatly used for creating sauces for pasta. It could also be eaten with other raw vegetables as a salad.

Lemons – These are citrus fruits that have limonene in them. This will help the immune system by promoting the production of lymphocytes which in turn helps kill the cancer cells. Lemons are very versatile and you can add them in the foods you eat as flavorings. You could also make different drinks out of it.

Turmeric – This is a spice that is mostly used in Indian dishes. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the size of the tumor. It is also capable of slowing down the spread of the cancer into other parts of the body.

Green leafy vegetables – This type of vegetable has many different anti-oxidants that are capable of reducing the risk of getting cancer. An example of a green leafy vegetable is spinach. This also contains lutein and it also helps reduce of colon, prostate, ovarian and liver cancer.

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  1. Great posts on some quality foods that help our bodies not only for the nutrients but helping to prevent cancer. I think Green Tea serves a number of purposes. One, it helps to warm us up. Two, it’s great for speeding up the metabolism. Three, the antioxidants are great for getting rid of foreign substances and cells that will destroy the body. Great post right here.

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