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At Heal2 guest posts are always welcome. Our requirements are simple, your post has to be related to health, must be unique and you give us exclusive rights to the content. Here is how to pitch us your guest post request.

If your post is good, you can expect it to go live within 2 to 3 days of submission. We are always quick to respond, however, since we get a lot of emails with guest post request, please forgive our delay.

We expect the following things in a good guest post, and such posts are always the ones that get published quickly.

1) List based posts. Must have 10+ in the list. Start and end with a few very short paragraphs.

2) Longer posts, more detailed and packed with information. Our average word-count per post is 800+ words. Anything below it gets deleted mostly.

3) Nice and creative titles, sub headings etc.

4) News content – If you come up with a news related article, on health topic (home remedies), then your post will be published earlier than the rest of the articles in the queue. Check Google News, Trends etc. to get a health news topic.

5) We do not allow link in the article body, however you can have one link in the author bio. Also, make sure to copyscape your article, before posting it on our blog.

6) We are mainly going to cover “home remedies” here, so feel free to suggest any title related to it. We do not cover adult health, and it should not even be mentioned on the author bio.

Once your post is published, make sure to promote it on the social media. A quick share on the Facebook or a tweet, takes the article a long way. Also, make sure to reply to comments.


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