7 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Today, water is the second most popular drink but should be the first. It is important to drink or consume water in any form. Water has plenty of sustaining and life-giving benefits on the health of your body. You probably already know that water is very important to maintain your hydration level so that organs can function properly. Aside from keeping your organs properly hydrated, drinking water has many other benefits for you and your body.

Here are seven supremely important benefits that drinking water has on your health.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

1. Water helps the body with weight loss. Drinking water can reduce hunger which means this miracle liquid acts very much like an appetite suppressant, making you eat less. Also, water has zero calories; this means you won’t gain any weight, regardless how much water you drink. Water also helps to flush any toxins and fat cells which are unneeded by the body.

2. Water is healthy for your skin. Drinking water has numerous benefits on your skin, considered to be the largest organ on your body. The skin’s job is to protect all vital organs, muscles and tissues. Without water, the skin becomes weak, wrinkled and easily compromised. Water also preserves the skin, keeping a youthful and viable appearance. Water helps replenish important tissues, increases the skin’s elasticity, moisturizing skin and promoting healing.

3. Water helps the body maintains regularity. Water moves toxins and waste from the body, allowing regularity in normal excretions. In addition, water aids the digestive system so that it works properly in the breaking down of food and transporting both needed and unneeded molecules through the body.

4. Water prevents cramping, straining and spraining. Water helps lubricate muscles and joints, keeping them supple and healthy. Normal levels of water will help to prevent the onset of cramps, strains and sprains. Also, water helps you execute a more productive exercise regimen which helps your metabolism, keeping higher energy levels.

5. Water prevents fatigue. Drinking water can prevent involuntary sedimentary or inactive lifestyles, as water flushes out toxins and wastes from the body. These can make you feel run down. Without water, your heart must work much harder to pump to deliver blood effectively to the cells within your body.

6. Water helps regulate body temperature. With a regulated body temperature, you avoid uncomfortable and unhealthy dips and spikes. This is especially important during exercise, when the body temperature becomes elevated, requiring perspiration to cool down. This internal body cooling mechanism requires water to properly prevent overheating and dehydration.

7. Drinking water builds the immune system. Water maintains your lymphatic fluid and keeps other parts of your body clean and clear. This prevents free radicals such as dirt and bacteria from infecting your system.

These are only a few examples of how drinking water can help maintain your health and proper body functions as there are many other benefits as well. Although most of the specialists recommend that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day, this is not an exact requirement. Depending on your diet, it is possible to get about 20% of your daily water requirement through the food that you eat. Although this is not ideal, it is possible to get a small amount of water from tea, coffee and other drinks.

Different factors, such as exercise, illness and weather, can cause your body to need more water than usual. Realistically, your body is a complex combination of cells, capable of creating a thirst which should be considered. Water has many life sustaining properties that your body will crave. This is a craving that should not be ignored.

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