9 Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

It has long been recommended for anyone needing to relax and relieve stress to take a bath while soaking in Epsom salts. New studies have shown that there is a true scientific reason behind this. Epsom salt is high in magnesium, which has been shown to be lowered when individuals feel stressed. Many people in the fast paced lifestyle of the modern world are deficient in this necessary element. Along with this commonly known health benefit, there are also a great many other advantages to taking a relaxing bath which you might not be aware of. Many of these great benefits can be felt just by your body absorbing the necessary compounds through your skin, making this one of the easiest healthy rituals to add into your normal life.

Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

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Heart Health – By helping to maintain proper levels of magnesium, the use of Epsom salts have been shown to help with many common heart conditions. Irregular heartbeats can be significantly reduced, along with improved circulation throughout the entire body. It has also been proven that the hardening of the arteries over time can also be greatly reduced. This will also lead to a better clotting of your blood, useful for those who may be slightly anemic and have difficulty when it comes to slowing bleeding of a wound.

Detoxifying – When taken through ingestion, Epsom salt has been proven to significantly impact the process of colon cleansing. You can also enjoy some of these benefits simply by taking a bath in the mineral, as it helps to draw out toxins from your body as well as heavy metals. By soaking in a bath for 20 minutes, the toxins will be drawn from your skin along with salt, which also will help in bringing you a relaxed feeling afterward. By cleansing yourself both inside and out, it will surely result in a better overall feeling of health in general.

Muscle Pain – If you are experiencing sore muscles from a hard workout, or perhaps from an old injury, soaking in relaxing Epsom salt bath will reduce the pain felt not simply by altering your mental state, but from the actual salts themselves. As your body absorbs much needed compounds, the healing process is aided along the way. This also helps in the reduction of swelling from recent injuries as well, and the relief of arthritic pain from the reduced inflammation. It has also long been believed that soaking in the same way will help cuts heal faster as well, and recent studies are concluding that this is indeed the case due to the way Epsom salts help the blood clot more efficiently. This allows your body to more quickly begins the healing process.

Gout Relief – Due to the above mentioned properties, soaking in Epsom salt can provide much needed relief to anyone suffering from a case of Gout.

Healthy Skin – By soaking in Epsom salt the many toxins which contribute to wrinkles or other undesirable skin traits are naturally removed from the body. This will help to promote and maintain a more youthful appearance for much longer in life. There are others who suggest mixing a little of the mineral with your facial cleanser, so that you not only exfoliate but allow your face to absorb some healthy minerals at the same time. Some people even use a teaspoon of Epsom salt alone as a natural exfoliate.

Diabetes – By helping to maintain proper levels of magnesium in the blood stream, the effectiveness of your body’s insulin use is greatly increased. This is very useful in the prevention of diabetes, as well as reducing the severity of occurrences. It is not recommended to be used internally without consulting a physician, but in almost all cases soaking in a bath will not bring any adverse side effects.

Nerve and Muscle Function – In order to maintain proper levels of calcium in your body, magnesium must also be present. This will help in your body’s production of electrolytes which are vital for electrical nerve activity. This helps with increased reaction time and motor skills in general. These same benefits are also true when applied to brain function, allowing your memory and logical thinking capacities to be maintained throughout a long life.

Digestion – Aside from being useful in detoxifying the body, you can also get much needed supplements which aid the intestines with the proper digestion of food. This is due to the sulfates which are found in Epsom salt that can at times be difficult to obtain through common food sources. The sulfates help in the stimulation of the pancreas to release the necessary enzymes required for proper digestion. This benefit alone aids in a large variety of ailments.

Lice and Mites – While typically used for treatment, regular baths will also help children in preventing infestations of lice or mites. By mixing a little warm water with some Epsom salt, you can create a paste which can be washed into the hair that will act as an insecticide to drive out and eliminate the infestation. While not necessarily an actual health benefit, this is yet another reason for a person to keep some of the salt on hand.

Most of the above mentioned benefits can be obtained simply by soaking yourself in a warm bath three times a week. There are also a great many benefits from the ingestion of Epsom salts, but it is highly recommended you consult your doctor before trying these. Since most people do not ingest the mineral, there is likely to be prescriptions which already treat your specific ailment.

You do not need to use much of the salts to enjoy a healthy bath, simply add two cups to your warm bath water. All that is required is that you soak and relax for at least ten minutes to get the maximum benefit. Being an easy way to relax, there really is no reason you can’t.

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