7 Home Remedies for Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

If you have arthritis then you are suffering from inflammation of one or more of your joints. This joint disorder can easily affect men, women, and children. There are a bunch of different kinds of arthritis out there and the type of causes depends on the type of arthritis.

Some of the typical causes include metabolic abnormalities, your genes, a bacterial or viral infection, a weak immune system, and some type of injury. Some of the symptoms you need to look out for are pain whenever you try to move your joints, joint stiffness, joint redness, joint stiffness, and a feeling a warm sensation in your joints.

When it comes to treatments for arthritis you have a number of options like anti-inflammatory mediations, pain medications, surgery, and physical therapy. All of these treatments have some positive effects but can be expensive. Moreover, some of the medications used for arthritis like immune system altering medications can bring on unwanted side effects. Check out the 7 home remedies below you can use to treat yourself naturally.

Home Remedies for Arthritis To Stop The Pain


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Heat and Cold Therapy

One of the best home remedies for arthritis is heat or cold treatment to decrease the inflammation and swelling of arthritis. Simply get a cool compress or ice pack to apply to the affected joint area.

Allow the ice pack or cool compress to sit there for about fifteen minutes and continue the therapy throughout the day. Give yourself at least a thirty minute break in between each therapy session.

To use a heat compress you will need a warm towel or a moist heating pad. The heat will help to stimulate the blood flow to relax your muscles. As with the cold therapy you should apply the heating pad or warm damped towel to the affected area and allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes. This heat therapy will help relieve your arthritis by relaxing stiff muscles.


When you practice proper meditation you will be able to decrease the amount of stress you’re dealing with. Once you minimize the stress in your life you will be able to relax better and breathe better. When you are breathing better your heart rate will improve and create a positive affect to help reduce arthritis pain.

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture therapy is a popular Chinese technique that is known to stimulate the body. During this treatment tiny needles will be inserted into areas of your body such as your legs, arms, and sometimes your shoulders to decrease the pain of arthritis by stimulating pain blocking chemicals known as endorphins. The treatment may last from 5 to 45 minutes each session. You will most likely be required to go through with this treatment twice a week until all symptoms are gone.

Chinese Herbs

There are a number of effective Chinese herbs out there to treat arthritis. One such Chinese herb is called Tripterygium, or Thunder God Vine. This Chinese herbal remedy can improve joint tenderness and the pain associated with your arthritis. A study showed that taking an extract of the herb’s roots will improve arthritis symptoms. Another one is called gui zhi shoa you zhi mu tang, and it is made up of cinnamon twigs and other natural herbs. This herbal remedy will help decrease swollen and painful joints caused by arthritis.


Getting active is one of the best ways to fight off your arthritis naturally. When you exercise you are improving the strength of your muscles around the joints. You should try to exercise by doing activities like soccer or swimming because these activities involve working major joints. The more you exercise the better chance you’re giving yourself to avoiding arthritis symptoms.

Changing up your diet

Making some simple but big changes in your diet can dramatically improve your arthritis condition. You should look for foods that will increase your omega-3 fatty acids intake. Try to eat foods such as nuts, fish, and oils. Along with increasing your omega-3 fatty acids you should aim to increase the vitamin C in your diet. However, you must be-careful not to eat too much omega 6 fatty acids because this can cause other health problems like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Eating foods that is high in antioxidants is also a great way to minimize the risk of developing arthritis.

Things You Should Avoid 

Try to avoid eating any kind of bacon, butter, or other saturated foods. Saturated foods have been proven to increase the chances of some people developing inflammation in their joints. If you want to avoid arthritis symptoms it is critical to pay attention to your weight. If you are overweight you need to really take your weight loss efforts seriously so you can take off the extra strain being put on your joints. If you already have arthritis excessive weight will make your problem much worse.

Arthritis is a condition that can cause a lot of discomfort and will negatively affect your day-to-day life. Utilizing some of the home remedies here though will help you succeed at beating your arthritis problems.

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