Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is commonly caused by either a viral infection caused by viruses which are responsible for colds and flu, or they can be caused by bacteria or fungal infections. While the former is more common and easily treated, the latter is somewhat rare and may require specialized medications. Bronchitis is a case where one experiences an inflammation of the lungs, causing irritation that result in coughing and difficulty in breathing.

Treating Bronchitis at Home – Treating bronchitis at home is very simple in itself, and while you may be tempted to rely on easily obtainable over-the-counter expectorants, you’d be amazed at the power that common foodstuffs, along with herbs, have in curing even the most severe cases of bronchitis. When using natural remedies to cure bronchitis at home, it is important that you always conduct a thorough research on the herbal remedies you plan to use before undertaking any form of homeopathic treatment.



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Researching home remedies will help to ensure that you, and your patient, remain safe from the possible harmful effects of misused herbal treatments. Prior to beginning homeopathic treatments at home check with your doctor, especially if you’re taking any form of synthetic medication. The majority of herbal treatments that are used to cure bronchitis are generally safe, although care should be taken that you do not overdo their consumption, as these may cause minor upset stomach or mild nausea.

Making Herbal Home Remedies is easy

Using herbs to cure bronchitis is easy. All that you’ll need are some herbs, which will be discussed in detail later, a glass cooking apparatuses, cheesecloth, and a stove. The easiest means to employ the medicinal value of herbs is to pour hot water on them, allowing them to steep, which makes a healthy tea, which can be drunk throughout the day to help relieve symptoms of bronchitis. Another more potent, but less tasty way of harnessing the power of nature is to create a decoction of dried roots, bark, seeds, and even herbs.

This is done by boiling dried plant matter in a non-reactive glass, earthenware, or ceramic vessel until a thick, viscous liquid is attained, which can then be drunk as you would an infusion. Never employ metal vessels for preparing herbs as these may react with the volatile essences in the plant matter, rendering them impotent at best, and even toxic in rare cases.

Ingredients for making a Healing Herbal Brew

The secret to concocting a potent healing brew for bronchitis is employing more than one herb to help address the sickness. Here are just some herbs that contain anti-spasmodic and expectorant properties:

• Anise – a decoction of anise seeds mixed with a natural sweetener such as honey or stevia will help to decongest the lungs and help expectorate the phlegm, and can help relieve clogged nasal and bronchial passages.

• Caraway – containing mild antihistamines and compounds that help stave off bacterial and fungal infections, caraway can be used in tandem with other herbs to help ease the pain of whooping and wheezing coughs.

• Coltsfoot – long known as a natural decongestant, coltsfoot is useful for treating minor coughs, asthma, and even severe cases of bronchitis. Coltsfoot should be used in moderation, as a little of the plant’s infusion goes a long way. Dried and shredded, coltsfoot can also be smoked in a pipe, to help relieve the feeling of congested lungs.

• Mullein – this herb is great for decongesting and expectorating phlegm and sputum from the lungs. Smoked along with coltsfoot or prepared as a light infusion and drunk regularly, it can help soothe and ultimately cure bronchitis.

Chicken Soup and Household Spices – Aside from creating decoctions, infusions and even smoking blends of any of the above mentioned herbs, common household spices such as onions and garlic are also known to help treat bronchial problems. Preparing a nice, hot chicken soup with onions, garlic, black pepper is a great preparatory step to curing bronchitis. Served just as the symptoms are beginning to manifest themselves, this little gesture of loving-kindness actually contains potent compounds found in the chicken broth, as well as the powerful mixture of spices, which help to relieve congestion and lessens mucosa production.

Herbal Teas – Making herbal teas from readily available herbs like peppermint, ginger root, dandelion, and Elderflower also helps to relieve the feeling of congestion, not to mention soothe your aching lungs. To prepare teas, all that you need are some dried herbs, a teapot, and some hot water. Place the dried herbs into the tea pot and pour hot water into it. Let it steep for five to ten minutes depending on the desired intensity, and drink while hot. Inhaling the fumes that rise from the steam also helps. If you find that herbal teas are bitter or unpalatable, a wedge of lemon or honey not only makes it taste better, but it also gives it a therapeutic boost!

There a lot of herbs that you can use to cure bronchitis, so why opt for synthetic medicines when you can have your very own pharmacopeias in your home or garden?

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