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Tooth pain can strike at any time affecting children, adults and seniors. Pain may vary from mild to severe and cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. Looking after one’s inner mouth, including teeth, gums, palate and tongue, helps to keep tooth pain at bay.

Symptoms of tooth pain – Symptoms of tooth pain may vary depending on the cause.  Pain may be sharp and shooting, infrequent or persistent and intense. Some feel the pain radiate through the teeth and gums into the jaw bone, cheeks and ears. A painful tooth may be surrounded by inflamed and/or bleeding gum tissue, and pus. Facial pain caused by migraine, ear and throat infection, as well as sinusitis, may trigger pain in the teeth but not necessarily have a dental cause. Treating the relevant condition may eliminate painful teeth.

Typical causes of tooth pain – The most common cause of tooth pain is tooth decay from poor oral hygiene, an improper diet rich in sugars and acids and bacterial infection. Poor oral hygiene allows plaque and tartar to attach to tooth surfaces to which infection-causing bacteria can attach and grow. The bacteria raises acidic levels that wear down tooth enamel exposing the inner tooth dentin and pulp that contains tooth nerves and blood vessels, causing pain.

Similarly, an unbalanced or unhealthy diet may cause saliva to become acidic and trigger bacterial colonisation, which erodes tooth enamel and causes cavities, decay, infection and tooth pain. Pain in teeth may also arise from dental trauma and oral injury. Teeth grinding or medications that wear tooth enamel may also trigger tooth pain.

Home Remedies to Treat Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain – Source

There are a range of home remedies to choose from for the treatment of tooth pain. These remedies include:

  • Applying cloves, clove oil or pepper for tooth pain relief
  • Using garlic, onion, lime, wheat grass, and bay berry to alleviate tooth pain

Applying cloves, clove oil or pepper for tooth pain relief

Some people relieve tooth pain by inserting a clove within the tooth cavity where tooth pain is present. Similarly, clove oil may be applied to the sore tooth for relief. Cloves have antiseptic qualities and therefore aid in reducing infection. The eugenol properties present in cloves works as a strong anaesthetic and antiseptic.

When pepper powder is added to clove oil or salt the blend acts as a dentifrice if applied to the painful tooth. There are people who have found that such mixtures reduce teeth sensitivity and painful teeth and gums.

Garlic, onion, lime, wheat grass, and bay berry

Placing a clove of garlic with salt within the painful tooth cavity works to relieve and sometimes eliminate the tooth pain. The allicin compound within garlic is thought to act like an antibiotic, reducing infectious agents and relieving painful symptoms. Garlic may be combined with cloves or clove oil for the same purpose. Some people chew a clove of garlic every day to promote oral well-being and improve bone health.

Onions have bactericidal properties that act similarly to garlic in combating germs within the mouth that may contribute to causing tooth pain. By chewing onion raw, the bactericidal elements help to prevent infection and mouth soreness. Limes are high in vitamin C but lower in acidity than lemons. By chewing lime including the rind, tooth pain may be reduced. Vitamin C also improves immunity to keep infection away.

Wheat grass is viewed as a natural antibiotic for treating tooth infection and pain. Wheat grass may be chewed or its juice used as a mouth wash to rid the mouth of infection-causing agents. Mixing bay berry bark and vinegar into a paste and applying it to the painful tooth helps to alleviate discomfort while naturally treating the tooth.

Home remedies to prevent tooth pain – Tooth pain may be prevented by: following a healthy, balanced diet with moderate sugar and acidic food intake; wearing a mouth guard for sports or to prevent teeth grinding; brushing and flossing teeth daily after meals and before sleep ensures the mouth and breathe remain clean and free of infection-causing bacteria. Having regular six-monthly dental check-ups along with using home remedies for oral care ensures that proper advice is received for dental and oral health.

When to contact a dentist about tooth pain – Tooth pain is usually the symptom of a more serious condition. Home remedies may not suffice in all cases to treat the causes of tooth pain. Visiting a dentist for a check up or receiving emergency dental care may save a tooth, preserve existing tooth structure and prevent re-occurrence of tooth pain. Tooth extraction or root canal treatment may be required to eradicate dental infection for better oral and overall health. If left untreated, infection may spread and tooth pain may escalate into a medical emergency.

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  1. Rich,

    Good info for what causes the tooth pain and what you can use to help ease the pain. It makes me remember the times I HAD to go to a dentist… you “have to be in pain” to want to go!
    Sugar does more than strip away enamel, but that’s another topic…

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the article, and don’t even get me started on sugar!

  3. Some people would make sure that they always have a toothache drop handy at home in case there’s a problem with tooth pain but as for me, it’s always good to use herbal aids like the ones you’ve mentioned, they’re safer and effective as well.

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