Home Remedy For Bad Breath

Besides reflecting on your poor dental hygiene; bad breath is one of the causes of embarrassment. Causes ranging from smoking, poor oral hygiene and oral dryness can give rise to bad breath. The leftover food particles tend to build up the bacterial build. The bacterial build happens to be one of the principle reasons behind bad breath.

Technically termed as ‘halitosis’; diseases affecting gum and other physiological maladies including digestive disorders and sinusitis can contribute to bad breath. But since, it mainly relates to poor hygiene and dental decay; the problem can be easily solved with focused care on dental hygiene. Home remedy for bad breath is easy to adopt as well as implement. There are quite a few options for you to avail of.

Home Remedy For Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad Breath

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What you need to do to overcome persistent bouts of bad breath

A word of caution may come in handy. In the event of persistent bouts of bad breath, do check out with your health care facilitator to overrule other physiological complexities. That’s because; apart from the ones mentioned; serious but common diseases including diabetes, kidney/liver malfunctioning and malignancy can be some of the other causative factors.

Deficiency of Zinc can also contribute to the same. Thus before falling back on home remedy for bad breath, it is necessary to determine the contributing causes.

Most of the options for home remedy for bad breath include the prospect of oral care, use of mouth rinses, use and evasion of food stuffs and beverages.

How to go about the prospect of dental care

It is one of the underlying causes of bad and offensive breath. But the issue can be easily tackled with proper oral care regimen. There is little to say about the relevance of brushing. Brushing twice a day is one of the healthy imperatives.

It is equally important to brush following the consumption of chocolates, sweets and other sugar laden delicacies.

Going for a brush following every meal is one of the healthiest options. Brushing will serve to get rid of the bacterial build or plaque formation. But in case that’s not possible don’t forget to brush following the intake of sugary delights.

But, oral care includes the prospect of tongue care also. As you brush your teeth, it is important to cleanse your tongue. The tongue, especially its topmost part calls for gentle touches or sweeps. So, you needn’t give it a hard brush and have it gently swept. The food particles and bacterial build of the tongue are equally responsible. Thus, rinsing of tongue is another imperative of oral hygiene.

Just as brushing, rinsing and tongue care are some of the essential options of home remedy for dental care, it is equally important to note down how certain food stuffs and beverages can go against the prospect of dental care.

Certain beverages to avoid

Coffee and alcoholic beverages including beer and whiskey are the primary offenders. Smoking is another unhealthy option. So, as part of home remedy for bad breath, you need to minimize these consumptions.

It is equally important to go for a gurgle and oral rinse following the consumption of these. This is because the mentioned stuffs contribute to plaque formation- which in turn leads to bad breath. So, at any cost you need to inhibit the formation of plaque.

Food stuffs responsible for plaque formation & bad breath

Dairy products including cheese encourage plaque formation and bad breath. Since minimizing dairy intake isn’t a healthy option, you need to be particularly careful about rinsing and gargling with mouthwash following such consumption.

Homemade mouthwash to rid yourself of bad breath

You can also purchase mouthwashes and rinses; but one of the home remedy for bad breath includes the use of homemade washes. As part of this mixture, you need to include the herbal extracts of myrrh, sage and calendula. The ingredients mixed in similar proportions are supposed to give rise to a liquid solution.

You can store the solution in an air tight container for regular gargling. Make it a point to use it at least three to four times every day. You just need to sip in and have it swirled and thrown.

The rinsing solution is of significant help, if used on regular basis.

Mouthwashes which can redeem the situation

Avoid using washes high in alcohol content.

It is preferable using washes enriched with zinc. Mouthwash containing essential/herbal oils counts amongst the home made remedy for bad breath. Zinc as well as essential oils is counterproductive to bacterial formation.

Interesting food tips which can help you overcome the embarrassing situation

Chlorophyll- the green pigment of plant products is conducive to dental health and oral hygiene. So, juices of parsley as well as mint can add to the refreshing feel. Chewing sprigs of the healthful herbs is beneficial to your entire system.

Herbal ingredients including cloves, anise as well as fennel seeds are good mouth fresheners.

In case, you are in need for temporary relief chewing mint can just be it. But preventive home remedy for bad breath is far better than going for temporary respites.

Drinking tea as opposed to other caffeinated drinks can be one of the desirable remedial options. According to the researched findings; not only green tea; but also black tea is conducive to breath freshness. The tea does the necessary trick with its ‘polyphenol’ content.

Instead of snacking on sugary and fried delights; seek healthy alternative in fruits. Go for fruits with a crunchy feel including apples, carrots and guava. They serve to neutralize the plaque/bacterial build up

To sum it all up

Besides following the aforementioned tips; healthy lifestyle, distressing and maintenance of oral moisture with fluid consumption can help overcome the embarrassing prospect of dental health.

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