7 Home Remedies for Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

If you have arthritis then you are suffering from inflammation of one or more of your joints. This joint disorder can easily affect men, women, and children. There are a bunch of different kinds of arthritis out there and the type of causes depends on the type of arthritis.

Some of the typical causes include metabolic abnormalities, your genes, a bacterial or viral infection, a weak immune system, and some type of injury. Some of the symptoms you need to look out for are pain whenever you try to move your joints, joint stiffness, joint redness, joint stiffness, and a feeling a warm sensation in your joints.

When it comes to treatments for arthritis you have a number of options like anti-inflammatory mediations, pain medications, surgery, and physical therapy. All of these treatments have some positive effects but can be expensive. Moreover, some of the medications used for arthritis like immune system altering medications can bring on unwanted side effects. Check out the 7 home remedies below you can use to treat yourself naturally. Continue reading

Top 5 Hangover Cures


For decades, imbibers of beer, wine and spirits have awoken from nights of inebriated jubilation with throbbing heads, dry mouths and nauseated stomachs. The hangover has been a drinker’s rite of passage, the next-morning sacrifice to the gods of alcohol. To combat the pain and oppression brought on by the hangover, there have been many homemade and rumored “cures,” such as black coffee, cold showers, two aspirin, greasy food and the famous “hair of the dog,” which consists of drinking more alcohol the following morning to appease the hangover demons.

But what most drinkers never learn is that there is no such thing as a hangover cure after the damage has been done. Completely curing a hangover is possible only through preventative measures and drinking maintenance. It requires five “ingredients” and careful mindfulness before, during and after alcohol consumption. Let’s break down the five best hangover cures and the proper times to use them: Continue reading

15 Reasons Why Go for Grass-fed Beef

Grass fed beef is a healthy way of savoring cattle meat. Aside from its distinctive taste, it’s leaner and free from diseases. Grass fed beef is also rich in protein and vitamins. Today’s civilization is becoming more health-conscious. With all the diseases and cancers, we see over the television, who wouldn’t care much of what they’re eating? Experts say that we’re eating contributes to how healthy or sickly we are. It’s true, drug and medications don’t heal illnesses but only saves us for a temporary moment. That’s why healthy-eating is a commandment. Continue reading

10 Smart Ways to Detox Your Body

We all know that detoxing our bodies is vitally important for optimal health and longevity, but we don’t always know what to do for detoxing or how to do it effectively and affordably.  So let’s discuss ten smart ways to detox your body!

1 – Create Good Consumption Habits – Many people think of a spa or some kind of treatment when they think of detoxing, but that is only half of it.  The other half is weaning out the habits of consuming foods and drinks that create toxicity.  Junk food and alcohol are great examples. Don’t start a detoxing program until you are ready to give them both up.  The body doesn’t get toxic by consuming raw foods.  Poor habits for consumption cause toxicity.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on all organic food, but do eat raw food as much as possible. Continue reading

12 Healthy Habits To Keep Aging At Bay

If you take a look around you would see that there are literally hundreds and thousands of anti-aging products out there on the market and the irony is that all of them claim to be the best.

Well, we are not going to get into the controversy of which one is better, but all we can say for now is that most of the cases cosmetically and pharmaceutical products end up being money churners for the manufacturers. Continue reading

10 Tips on How to Have a Whiter Underarm

Everybody wants to be attractive and admired by everyone and this is the reason why people are trying to look for various things that will improve their physical appearance. They go to shopping malls to look for fashionable outfits to wear to make them look adorable. However, no matter how good your outfits are, your attractiveness could because of dark spots on your skin.

It is not a hidden fact that most of us have darker skin in particular areas of our body such as underarm pits, knuckles, knees, elbows and inner thighs. Because of this, many people are trying to find ways on how to have an even skin tone. One way to do that is by using whitening creams that is available today. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Your heart goes through so much like love, broken relationship, heart- break, and still it pumps for you all your life to help you love someone who will love you back. But do you care for your heart? Have you done anything yet to keep it fit and healthy? NO? Then it is time to give back what you have received. Taking care of your heart is not at all hard, but you definitely have to change your lifestyle.

Facts of heart

Remember your heart is just a small organ to look at, but it is a mighty organ. It weighs around a pound and is not more than your fist.

Many people think that heart disease is a disease of the older people, but the fact is youngsters too are prone to heart disease.

Women who think that it is a man’s disease are also not left without the disease.

In fact they have outnumbered men. Continue reading

6 Natural Remedies for Whiter Teeth

We’re all susceptible to a few bad habits aren’t we; we’re only human after all. Clean living is all well and good, but not all the time. Occasionally it’s nice to indulge in a glass of red wine with a curry; what would Saturday nights be without such pleasures? The only problem being of course, that our gnashers take a bit of a hit, and in terms of winning smiles, society seems to dictate that the whiter the better.

There are plenty of methods of whitening our teeth. A cosmetic procedure such as bleaching is one, but is that not taking vanity a little bit far? There are plenty of toothpastes out there which claim to whiten teeth with varying results. Continue reading

The Five Dimensions of Health – Achieving The Ultimate Balance

When we speak of health, the first thing that comes to mind is having a body that’s in great shape. While physical health is important, there’s much more to good health than just that. There are other components that make up our well-being and it is vital that we recognize and seek to improve each of these.

The Center for Health identifies five distinct yet interrelated dimensions of health and overall well-being – physical health, intellectual health, emotional health, social health, and spiritual health. These health parameters have been established by the World Health Organization back in 1948 and have become the benchmarks for assessing a person’s overall health status. Continue reading