11 Common Health Problems in Men

Men And Their Problems – Men are also like women, they are also affected by health problems too.

The only difference is that most men do not want to talk about it. Most of the time, the men just ignore their symptoms. Some do this because they think that their masculinity decreases when they bother with the simple symptoms. This is why their disease is not diagnosed early on. Continue reading

Planning Your Layoffs

Taking planned rest periods can sometimes be difficult for those of us who use workouts as a form of religion. Let’s face it, for some of us our bodies are our temples. When we are stressed out, frustrated, or need alone time we have the sanctity of our workouts to fall into.

People who run, cycle, use weights, or anything else often turn to workouts as a way to relieve stress, create a stable point of focus in their schedule, and more. Continue reading

7 Ways To Find Low Cost Medicines

Americans are one of the highest paying customers for prescription drugs – Which is why it becomes important that Americans know where and how to find low cost medicines in America and across the world.

Need to find low cost medicines – Studies have shown that Americans pay four times more as compared to what people in Australia, Japan, UK and Canada pay for the same medicines. Today the medical industry is a costly affair, with the costs of hospital stays rising, the doctor fees on the rise and the medicines, take a heavy toll on the financial aspect. Medicines are also an important expense and one cannot ignore the treatment that has been provided by the doctor. Luckily, you can find some simple resources where you can find low cost medicines or even free medications. Continue reading

11 Unique Tips to Lose Weight

If you have looked at online life insurance quotes, then you are well aware that weight plays a factor. After all, being overweight does affect your health, so it only makes sense that it would influence the quotes you receive as well.

Now, if you are like millions of others looking for tips to lose weight, you are probably tired of seeing the same ones over-and-over telling you to cut calories, eliminate carbohydrates and exercise more. Continue reading

7 Health Benefits of Sun

The sun and its rays – Although there are a lot of movies that are about vampires nowadays, you still do not have to be afraid of the sun because you are not a vampire.

As humans it would be much better if we get exposed in the sun. This does not necessarily mean that we should soak up the sun until we get burned, we should just get adequate exposure because there are lots of benefits we can have when we stay under the sun. Continue reading

Surfers Eye – What is Pterygium – Symptoms – Causes and Treatment

A pterygium is a non-cancerous growth, similar to a cataract, that forms on the surface of the eyeball. Exposure to ultra violet rays is thought to be the cause. Although not a life threatening condition, its growth could cause some loss of vision and it should be monitored closely. Symptoms – Sometimes a person with pterygia has no pain or any symptoms at all, making it difficult to diagnose the condition. Continue reading

13 Foods to Prevent Cancer

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease wherein a part of the body produces cells uncontrollably that it turns into a tumor. Cancer may also be able to affect nearby areas in the body and it also has the ability to spread all throughout the body. The main cause of cancer is still unknown but researchers believe that genetics may play as a factor in having cancer. The environment is also a factor that they are now looking into.

How Do You Prevent Cancer?

The occurrence of cancer in the body cannot be readily predicted that is why people are asked to try and prevent it as much as they can. They have now been giving out information so that the public will know what to do. Continue reading

Home Remedy for Pink Eye

If you’ve ever suffered from pink eye, you know the symptoms well: red eyes; the itchy, burning sensation; swelling of the eyelids or under the eyes; and, in some cases, a greenish-yellow drainage. Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is actually an inflammation of the clear membrane that covers the whites of the eye, as well as the membrane located on the inside of the eyelids. Continue reading