15 Reasons Why Go for Grass-fed Beef

Grass fed beef is a healthy way of savoring cattle meat. Aside from its distinctive taste, it’s leaner and free from diseases. Grass fed beef is also rich in protein and vitamins. Today’s civilization is becoming more health-conscious. With all the diseases and cancers, we see over the television, who wouldn’t care much of what they’re eating? Experts say that we’re eating contributes to how healthy or sickly we are. It’s true, drug and medications don’t heal illnesses but only saves us for a temporary moment. That’s why healthy-eating is a commandment.

Grass fed beef is rich in Omega 3 compared to Feedlot beef. It’s has lesser fat content and it’s meat is produced with fresh grass. Cows fed with grass takes years before market distribution. Feedlot meat only takes 14 to 16 months with the use of synthetic drugs. The faster the deadlier and massive production doesn’t look after consumers health – rather than money and profit.

Grass fed beef

Grass fed beef – Source

Grass fed beef is expensive but high quality. Feedlot beef cost less but don’t expect the same quality. Organic farmers spent time and effort to produce high quality beef. They don’t use synthetic drugs to hasten distribution. Haste is waste and doesn’t produce top quality. Here the reasons why you need to consume grass fed beef.

Grass-fed Beef is rich in Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid found in marine plant foods, in addition, grass-fed beef has plenty of it. Omega 3 lowers the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, menstrual cramps, ADHD, depression, and risk of miscarriage. Dieticians suggest consuming hormone free and grass fed beef compared to artificially grown cattle.

Grass-fed Beef is free from Artificial Hormones

Cattle raisers and livestock producers often use artificial hormones to speed up growth and make cattle weigh more than their age. This might be a good thing to do, however, scientists found that hormone residues in beef heavily contributes to cancer and abnormalities in unborn babies. The cow’s milk is also unsafe to consume because of the artificial hormone. It’s not a good idea to force cows to produce more milk when it’s unsafe to drink. Farmers should think this way. Just imagine people on gym using steroids, that’s how cows feel when they’re injected with artificial hormones.

Free from Antibiotics

Feedlot cows need antibiotics to prevent bacteria from eating food-supplied nutrients. Antibiotics also make cattle eat more and consume more water, however, too much antibiotics in beef is dangerous for human consumption. Grass fed cows needs not much antibiotics because they’re on grass diet and only few harmful bacteria are living in their guts.

Meat is lean and less Fat

The market standards will favor more fat marbles in cows. The more fat in red meat, the richer the taste, the higher the grade however, as the meat gets fatter, the lesser the nutritional value. Feedlot beef is fattened using hormones and antibiotics while grass-fed beef is nature’s way.

Low Calorie Beef

Low calorie diet extends a person’s life expectancy according to the “Physical Dimensions of Aging” by Spiriduso, Francis and MacRae. When calories are limited, the body uses most of its energy for bodily repair and maintenance. Grass fed beef has lower calories compared to Feedlot beef.

Higher Levels of Antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent molecular oxidation in the body. Oxidation results to development of excessive free radicals, which causes some forms of cancer.

Vitamins A and E

Vitamin A helps in various bodily functions, keeps skin healthy, and prevents certain diseases including cancer. Vitamin E supports blood circulation, promotes optimum brain function, helps with PMS symptoms, and hearth health.

Higher in Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene enhances immunity, prevents skin and eye problems, and protects body from toxin and cancers. Beta Carotene plays a good role in cancer prevention.

Lesser Risk in Developing Cancer

Contaminated meat is an infamous source of cancer but not grass fed meat in appropriate consumptions. Pure meat takes years before it’s finally good for consumption. It shouldn’t be contaminated with antibiotics and artificial hormones.

Less in Saturated Fat

Good fat is different from saturated fat. Grass fed beef has lower levels of saturated fat found in most fast food and contaminated beef. Saturated fat raises cholesterol level, which is the main contributor of heart disease and hypertension.

High in Vitamin B

There are several types of Vitamin B but they mostly serve the similar purpose: provides energy, helps in forming blood cells, help in liver health, and aids in staving off cancer.

Rich in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA is a fatty acid found most in beef and dairy products that come from grass-fed cattle. CLA prevents and helps fight: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, immune system invaders, and food-induced allergic reactions.

High in Natural Trans Fat (Vaccenic Acid)

If you thought all Trans fat hurt, you might be wrong. Vaccenic acid, which is commonly found in beef and dairy products reduces risk factors associated with diabetes, heart attack, and obesity. VA is later transformed into CLA – a cancer fighting acid.

Saves the Planet

It costs more energy to grow grains for feedlot cows compared to growing natural grass. This saves a lot of energy, which is good for our planet.

Promotes mutuality towards Cows and not cruelty against Animals

It’s a shame we need to force cows to take steroids to cope up with the market demand or worst for the “love of money”. Animals should be treated right – because they’re key for human survival.

 For people who are conscious about what they take orally, always opt for grass fed meat products. It’s worth spending compared to low quality meat. There is thousands of grass fed meat stores over the state.

Where to buy grass fed beef?

Grass fed beef is directly available in countries, which have rich grassy lands such as the USA, Canada, Europe, and some parts of Asia. In the US, you’ll find most cattle products coming from Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Idaho, Minnesota, New Mexico and more. Don’t worry where to buy grass fed beef, because there are local meat stores where you can buy grass fed meat products.

You can also find grass fed beef online such as Tosca Farm who’s specializing in healthy grass-fed beef. Always make sure to check if they’re labeled organic. Don’t buy on sidewalks, always go for known and assured meat stores. Don’t settle for the unhealthy choice, always pay for the best even this cost a bit. Health is wealth and we shouldn’t forget that. Grass fed beef is the best way to do it and the best choice you can afford if you’re a meat eater.

About the Guest Blogger – Tosca Farm Group is a livestock establishment located in Central Texas near Waverly, which promotes consumption of Grass Fed Beef as nature’s way of providing clean meat to humankind.  

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