Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Your heart goes through so much like love, broken relationship, heart- break, and still it pumps for you all your life to help you love someone who will love you back. But do you care for your heart? Have you done anything yet to keep it fit and healthy? NO? Then it is time to give back what you have received. Taking care of your heart is not at all hard, but you definitely have to change your lifestyle.

Facts of heart

Remember your heart is just a small organ to look at, but it is a mighty organ. It weighs around a pound and is not more than your fist.

Many people think that heart disease is a disease of the older people, but the fact is youngsters too are prone to heart disease.

Women who think that it is a man’s disease are also not left without the disease.

In fact they have outnumbered men.

Tips to keep your heart healthy

Heart Healthy

Heart Healthy – Source

1. Scrutinize your diet: Healthy diet that includes fresh vegetables, balanced foods, plenty of fruits and healthy meals can help you check your diet. You can check with your doctor if you can add anything that you like as it depends on your heart conditions.

2. Shake and move it: You have to love exercises, simply waking up in the morning, having your breakfast and off to office, will not work. You will have to stay fit. Include 20 minutes of cardio daily in your morning routine. It not only keeps you heart healthy, but helps you smile as well. You can perform any kind of other exercises as well depending on the condition of your heart.

3. Monitor your stress levels: Everybody has stress, at work, at home, peer pressure, etc. Yet it must not affect the heart. Stressful times should be dealt with stress relief techniques advised by the doctor to calm the mind. Take time off from work or a stressful situation and indulge is something you love.

4 Regular check-up: People with high blood pressure are at a much higher risk for heart disease. Keeping a check on the BP can go a long way in keeping the heart healthy and fit. Cholesterol levels should be evaluated as high amounts of the bad cholesterol can cause havoc for the heart.

5. Salt intake: Although it may sound like a minor issue, the innocent little pinch can harm you more than you think. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure and you are prone to coronary heart disease. Processed and packaged foods contain high salt levels, which should be within limits or avoided completely.

6. Alcohol and smoking: Alcohol and smoking is bad habit, which apparent is true; they can cut a man’s life by 15 years. They damage the heart muscles and also increase blood pressure and can increase the weight as well.

7. Family history: If you have a family history of heart disease, then you must be extra careful from a young age. Genetic predisposition is likely if you have it running in the family.

8. Recognize the signs: even if you are young, you have to recognize the chest discomfort, neck, shoulder pain or stomach pain and check it with your doctor without fail. You must have the right kind of knowledge and know the signs of heart disease.

9. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Healthy lifestyle does not only include a balanced diet and exercising, it also means that you should leave stress at the office. Rest is also necessary.

10. Breathe: Breathing helps to lower stress hormones, adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenalin that can stress you out. Easy breathing exercise is simple. With 10 consecutive deep breathes 3 x day can work wonders.

Do following the top 10 tips to take care of your heart,May you healthy!

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