7 Ways To Find Low Cost Medicines

Americans are one of the highest paying customers for prescription drugs – Which is why it becomes important that Americans know where and how to find low cost medicines in America and across the world.

Need to find low cost medicines – Studies have shown that Americans pay four times more as compared to what people in Australia, Japan, UK and Canada pay for the same medicines. Today the medical industry is a costly affair, with the costs of hospital stays rising, the doctor fees on the rise and the medicines, take a heavy toll on the financial aspect. Medicines are also an important expense and one cannot ignore the treatment that has been provided by the doctor. Luckily, you can find some simple resources where you can find low cost medicines or even free medications.

Ways to Find Low Cost Medicines


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1. There is a program called the PAP or the Patient Assistance Programs that are provided by the pharmaceutical companies. The programs are nothing but serve on a sliding scale basis and provide low cost medications or free to patients. You can search online for links for various pharmaceutical companies that can help you with low cost medications.

2. There are nurses in the hospitals or at the doctor’s clinic who can help you with Patient Assistance program as well.

3. Many times the doctors are also provided with samples of various medications by the pharmaceutical companies to sell their products, as the doctors get free sample, they can provide them to patients for free. You only need to ask them.

4. Most of the time the brand medications come with affordable “generic” medications, which are exactly the same medications and are made with the same formula. The only difference is that they are not branded or well known. Most of the pharmacies sell generic drugs all the time. But since the prescription does not carry the name, the pharmacist does not sell it. But if you ask for generic version, you can save a lot.

5. You can research online for the best price on the medications prescribed. You can find plenty of pharmacies that quote a lower price for the drugs. You can compare and buy the drugs you want. Visit Pharmacy checker.com and you can get a quick peek at the price of various drugs. You simply enter the name of the drug and the dosage; next you get a list of pharmacies with price tags. You must then check the country and check the shipping cost as well. US has different rules for prescription medications as compared to other countries, therefore it is highly advisable that you ensure the right drug and the safe shipping as well.

6. You can call around all the various pharmacies near your area or even further away. You can ask for the price and then compare prices of each pharmacy. This helps in knowing the exact price of the drug and the price that the pharmacies quote. There are pharmacies that offer lower prices for certain drugs only. Therefore, you may not get the lowest price for all the drugs at one store.

7. You can find many shopping marts that provide various drugs for $4 or $10, like antibiotic, some of the diabetes medications, generic versions of many and some prescription drugs as well. One can visit these marts and buy low cost medications that you can find in various parts of the country.

So the most effective ways to find low cost medicines are online and offline pharmacies that you have to compare and buy the prescribed drug.

About the Guest Blogger – This content was written by an experienced pharmacy tech, Jason Holmes. If you have any questions on Pharmacticual industry then try to get in touch with Jason at pharmacytechnicianinfo.net

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